What is a Professional Organizer?

Professional Organizers are trained and skilled specialists who help to bring structure and overview in space and time. By designing custom-made organizing systems and teaching organizing skills, we help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper piles, their lives! We create a system where you won't fall back into old habits, so that you can make long-term improvements  and keep disorder at bay.

When you feel you are losing balance in your life and work, it is the right time to bring in a Professional Organizer.

Why choose for HARMONIZE!?

HARMONIZE! puts clients at the center. Our method of sorting and re-ordering excess stuff is custom-made, based on your personality, priorities, experiences and preferences.

HARMONIZE! provides an exclusive tidying-up method that helps you to do your daily housekeeping smoothly, at ease and with less stress.

HARMONIZE! offers a professional, objective, experienced opinion to help you move forward, and to help you discover options you wouldn't have thought of yourself.

HARMONIZE! listens from the heart and pays respect to any anxiety or emotional issues you might have with decluttering. Because it is rarely as easy as ‘just throw it out' or ‘anything you haven't used, should go'.

Have you ever tried a Professional Organizer but didn't end up with an effective result? Then, let's get started with HARMONIZE! and make your home full of harmony!

For whom?

HARMONIZE! is here for anybody who needs help in decluttering, reorganizing and simplifying the daily housekeeping.

HARMONIZE! offers special organizing packages , which is why HARMONIZE! is perfect if you:

  • bring in a professional organizer for the first time.
  • want to start with organizing one specific place.
  • want to organize effectively while your children are at school
  • want to proceed on your own but need support sometimes from a professional.

Work area

HARMONIZE! mainly works in Flevoland and surroundings (Amsterdam, Hilversum, Utrecht).

If you live further away,please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

May organizing harmonize you and your family!